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Pressure ulcer care

The products of the pressure ulcer care line prevent pressure bedsores by dissipating both perpendicular and tangential pressure forces.
They are made of a polymeric gel applied on a fabric support. The polymeric gel has the characteristics of being non-toxic, hypoallergenic, flexible in all directions, non compressible like water, elastic, memory shape. Furthermore, the polymeric gel contains a mineral oil of very high purity in the chemical physical structure. The healing and eutrophic properties in case of loss of skin substance and burns have also been experimentally studied. These products are designed in particular for elderly patients, patients forced to bed rest, paraplegics and tetraplegics, to the disabled in general. All products are washable by hand and reusable in time. Therefore they are  also suitable for use in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes. The polymeric gel does not absorb organic fluids or odors nor does it support bacterial growth.