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Walker zero impact

Line: Linea Zero Impact Code: EU060
The walker is equipped with shaped upright rods that reduce pressure on the lower limb, while ensuring better stability and immobilization. It can adequately accommodate dressings and padding as needed.
The sole, with a very light new low profile, has a non-slip surface. The closure with easy-to-grip Velcro straps and D-rings that aid in application / removal contribute to patient acceptance. Comfortable and removable padding.
The removable and ventilated  insole greatly reduces the presence of moisture in the foot area. The possibility of removal allows washing.

The heel wedge set is available for the post-operative treatment of the Achilles tendon. By placing the wedges through the adhesive support on them, it is possible to obtain desired heel rise degrees:
3 wedges = 22 ° heel raise
2 wedges = 16 ° heel raise
1 wedge  = 10 ° heel raise

Cod.: EU060 – hight model     /   EU060B – low model
Cod. separate accessories - Heel lifts set: EU060RID   dx      /   EU060RIS   sx  
Indications: lesions of the soft part of the distal part of the leg, moderate to severe ankle sprains, lesions of the distal tibial-peroneal syndesmosis, pain and lesions of the forefoot, midfoot and hind foot, stable fractures of the foot, ankle and distal part of the leg, fractures of the metatarsals, after repairing tendons and ligaments, after other surgical operations (eg. hallux valgus, arthrodesis, etc.).
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