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Euscar cream

Line: Linea Euscar / Cicatrici ipertrofiche Code: EUS1P Package: 1 tubo
POMATA EUSCAR is an endermic lotion easily absorbed by the skin. The active ingredients are UREA, VITAMIN E (tocopherol), PANTHENOL (vitamin B-5), ESSENTIAL OILS with a GARLIC base (natural antibiotic) and MELILOT (coumarin acids with natural anticoagulant functions). POMATA EUSCAR is indicated in cases of scar management, to keep cell membranes intact due to the specific anti-inflammatory and natural protection properties of the epidermis.
The EUSCAR POMADE improves skin elasticity and integrates with physiotherapy treatments such as massages dedicated to subcutaneous cell dissection. Euscar Eumedica lotion reduces the visibility of scars which limits the formation of keloids.

EUSCAR cream has a softening and moisturizing action that contributes to a remodelling of the granular tissues, smoothing out the thickness of the scar. 

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