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Lumbar corset double-action Eu-tract

Line: Linea Eumedica Code: s Package: 1 PZ

Millions of people suffer, often seriously, from backache. Statistically it is the first cause of absenteism from work and second for permanent disability. Backache is rarely linked with pain from the backbone. It is almoust always due to a malfunctioning of one of the components of the back: muscles, ligaments, discs. Driving all day long is perhaps one of the most frequent causes of muscolar backache particulary in the lumbar area. It's true that today car companies are more diligent in manufacturing anatomic seats, but, as is often the case, it is the driver who adopts incorrect positions resulting in lumbago. After just a few minutes an incorrect position causes the muscles to relax, preventing correct back posture and resulting in continuous pressure on the nerves. The system is made up of a fixed support harness which is placed pemanentley around the driver's seat or desk chair, and an elastic lumbar support which is applied before sitting. When the patient sits down, the support adheres itself with velcro to the fixed harness on the back of the seat. The harness is positioned 10 - 15 cms higher than the base of the seat. This guarantees correct back posture, ensuring that the upper body weight does not bear down on the pelvis and gluteus. In addition, the pelvic mass pulls the spinal column down, thus exerting gentle but continuous traction on the vertebral discs.

EU-TRACT is an innovative system for the treatment of chronic lumbago with a dual action: it supports the back and exerts a delicate longitudinal traction on the spinal column, whilst the patient is sitting or driving.

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