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​​​​​​​Eumedica addresses its attention to the surgeon, the orthopedic technician, sports doctor, podiatrist, physiatrist and the technician of rehabilitation.

Sports and work threaten the muscle/skeleton apparatus constantly: the “minor” damages are the most common hidden dangers that can occur to the joints, muscles and tendons.
Accidents or a great deal of effort may cause pain and swelling: it is often just useful to get some rest, other times though we are forced to contact the doctor.

The range of orthosis that are commercialized by EUMEDICA and that are illustrated in this website, have proven to be useful both for the therapy and prevention of the most common muscle and joint damages. These orthosis are able to protect effectively the area and accelerates the healing process. The fundamental mechanisms to allow these benefits to occur are:

Maintenance of the local heat
Improvement of the mobility and of the blood circulation
Joint stabilization
Protection from other damage

The orthesis that EUMEDICA commercializes are the result of important technology and elaborate biomechanical and functional research; they have all been examined from a very careful commission of patients who were interested as well in the commodity, practical and duration of the orthesis.